DMPonline UNIL

An online DMP writing tool

DMPonline UNIL is a tool designed to help in the (co-)writing, editing and sharing of DMPs. In particular, it enables a plan to be written in a collaborative manner and to request a review directly from the application.

DMPonline UNIL also allows institutions to create DMP templates, as well as to integrate specific resources and recommendations. The UNIRIS service therefore used this tool to create a DMP UNIL template. When a request for storage space is sent to the Scientific Computing and Research Support Unil (DCSR), the DMP is now mandatory (see Directive de la direction 4.5).

Write a DMP

Getting Started

You can use DMPonline UNIL in several languages: German, Spanish, English (UK), English (US) and French.

The first time you log in, you will need to create an account. When filling out the form, please make sure to indicate "Université de Lausanne" as your home institution. The next time you log in, you will be able to link this account to your UNIL identifiers and use them directly afterwards.

How to choose a DMP template

To create a DMP after login, click the "Create plan" button at the bottom of the "My Dashboard" or in the menu at the top of the page. Then enter the title of your project and specify if it is a test.

  • Write a DMP according to the UNIL DMP template: To obtain the UNIL DMP template, enter and select "Université de Lausanne" in the second field, and check the last box "No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed". You can also directly get to this template (after authentification) by clicking on one of the following links:
  • Write a DMP according to another DMP model: If you wish to use another DMP model, check the box "No research organisation associated with this plan or my research organisation is not listed" and indicate your funder in the field under the question "Select the primary funding organisation". You can also choose a template by going to the blue "Reference" tab at the very top, then to "DMP template" and search for your funder's template. To select the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) model, type "Swiss National Science Foundation". You can also directly get to the template of the SNSF (after authentification) by clicking on the following link:

Features of DMPonline UNIL

Write the DMP

The tabs in the interface allow you to navigate through the different functions when editing your DMP :

  • The "Project Details" tab contains basic administrative details to fill in and allows you to select the help you want for your plan.
  • The "Plan Overview" tab shows which template your plan is based on, what help is available and gives you an overview of the questions that are asked.
  • The "Write plan" tab contains the questions you need to answer, organized in sections. When you click on a tab, different banners with titles appear. These represent the sections of the DMP and the number of questions they contain is indicated.

Share the DMP and define its visibility

The "Share" tab allows you to invite others to read or contribute to your plan, to ask for help and advice (feedback) and to define the visibility of your plan.

The "Share" tab is also where you can set the visibility of your DMP:

  • Private: visible to you and your research team (researchers and your institution's administration).
  • Organisme : toute personne de votre organisme peut consulter votre plan
  • Public: visible to all in the list of public DMPs.

By default, all new plans as well as test plans are private. The "public" and "organization" views are reserved for completed DMPs. You must answer at least 50% of the questions to have access to these options.

Ask a feedback

To request assistance with your plan, click on "Request feedback". The team and research consultants (if applicable) will be notified of your request and will respond within three business days.

Their comments will be visible in the "Comments" field adjacent to each question. You will be notified by e-mail when your plan has been reviewed.

Tutorial on using DMPonline UNIL

We have developed a tutorial in French and in English that explains in more detail how to use DMPonline and what features are offered by the tool.

We encourage you to consult it when you first start using DMPonline and if you have any questions.

Editable text model of the DMP UNIL

If you do not wish to use the DMPonline UNIL platform to write your DMP according to the UNIL model, you can also download it in French or English in .docx or .odt format in order to fill it in:

DMP UNIL template in English .docx

DMP UNIL template in English .odt

DMP UNIL template in French .docx

DMP UNIL template in French .odt

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