Bruker timsTOF Pro


The timsTOF Pro system comes with a dual-TIMS analyzer allowing parallel accumulation serial fragmentation technique (PASEF). Incoming ions are accumulated in parallel in the first section, and then released dependent on their mobility from the second section of the dual-TIMS analyzer, resulting in nearly 100% duty cycle.This instrument is interfaced to an Ultimate 3000 Nano LC System from Dionex.

Thermo Scientific Exploris 480


The Exploris 480 is a hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer acquiring fast MS and MS/MS spectra at high resolution. It is used for shotgun qualitative/quantitative proteomics and is interfaced to an Ultimate 3000 Nano LC System from Dionex.

Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion


The Fusion is the latest generation of Orbitrap system with a "Tribrid architecture" combining the best of quadrupole, Orbitrap and linear ion trap mass analyzers.
This versatile instrument is used for shotgun proteomics, either in data-dependent or data independent mode. It is installed with an ETD fragmentation system, particularly suitable for the analysis of post-translational modifications and large peptides/intact proteins. This mass spectrometer is interfaced to an Ultimate 3000 Nano LC System from Dionex.

ProteinSimple Jess


Jess permits automatic protein separation and all steps of western blots into capillaries. Up to 24 samples can be analysed in less than 4hr starting with 3 µl of samples and analysed by chemiluminescence or fluorescence.

GeSim Nano-Plotter 2.1 spotter


This non-contact printer uses piezoelectric pipetting tips to dispense drops of 400 or 40 picolitres.

Beckman-Coulter Biomek 3000 lab automation workstation


Biomek 3000 is a liquid handling platform to perform automatic slide detection for RPPA or automatic protein digestion for preparation of samples for mass-spec analysis.

Innopsys Innoscan 710


This is a confocal scanner equipped with 2 extremely sensitive photomultipliers to detect fluoresecence at 670 and 785 nm on microscope slides.



Separation of peptides after protein digestion


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