Document Filename
PAF introduction PAF_INTRO_2017  (3028 Ko)
Proteomics introduction PROTEOMICS_INTRO.pdf  (2761 Ko)
Affinity purification & mass spectrometry (AP-MS) guidelines AP-MS_guidelines_v3.1.pdf  (254 Ko)
A quick guide to interpretation of shotgun data Shotgun_data_guide_v5.4.pdf  (221 Ko)
Interpretation of PTM data Analysis_of_PTMs__phospho__v4.pdf  (269 Ko)
SILAC guidelines SILAC_Guidelines_v2.pdf  (37 Ko)
SILAC media and labelling protocol Silac protocol  (239 Ko)
Slice SILAC principle sliceSILAC explanation_v2.pdf  (453 Ko)
Reversed Phase Protein Arrays RPPA_general_flyer_2017  (1362 Ko)
Core Facilities Guidelines Microsoft Word - CoreFacilitiesGuidelines_091026.doc  (38 Ko)
Satisfaction survey - 2017 Results of the satisfaction survey 2017.pdf  (702 Ko)
Posters Filename
Filtering and Scoring of Results from AP-MS Experiments by Spectral Counts, Label-Free Quantitation and Enrichment Factor (EF) PAF_ASMS-2015-v3  (15162 Ko)
Onco-proteomics approach to identify novel protein variants in databases derived from individual melanoma sequenced genomes PW_ASMS-2012.pdf  (2314 Ko)
Slice SILAC : coupling isotope labeling with electrophoretic migration to study protein processing events poster_MQ_v1.3b.pdf  (365 Ko)
A Common Processing and Statistical Framework for Label-Free Quantitative Proteomic Analyses PW_HUPO-09-def.pdf  (1587 Ko)
Background proteins in immunoprecipitations: what they are & how to reduce them HUPO_08_poster_MQ.pdf  (527 Ko)
Publication Supporting information Link
Morikawa K, et al. Hepatology 2014, 59(2): 423-433, PMID:23929719. SLICE SILAC source code
Borgatta M, et al. J Proteome Res. 2015, 14(1), 279-291, PMID: 25350372 Data processing scripts
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