The PAF (Protein Analysis Facility) is a service and research laboratory specialized in the analysis of proteins and proteomes.

The primary mission of the PAF is to support the local academic community and to function as a catalyst in the application of advanced technologies to analyse protein expression and function.

The platform has been created in 2002 thanks to contributions from the University of Lausanne and a very generous donation by the Leenardts Foundation.


Service activities are:

  • advisory and technical support for local groups that want to undertake proteomics projects.

  • protein separation and profiling by one and two-dimensional electrophoresis.

  • protein identification and quantification by mass spectrometry in simple or complex mixtures (shotgun proteomics).

  • analysis of post-translational modifications (for example phosphorylation).

  • targeting analysis of proteins and phosphoproteins by Reversed Phase Protein Arrays (RPPA) or WesTM (ProteinSimple)


Goals of research and development

  • to implement new technologies for the qualitative and quantitative comparative analysis of proteomes.
  • to collaborate with local investigators on selected biological research projects.



We provide courses at the master and postgraduate level to disseminate the knowledge of proteomics technologies among students and researchers.



The PAF is in close contact with similar units at the EPFL and at the Universities of Geneva, Bern and Fribourg.

Since August 2010, the PAF is member of the RéPP-SO ("Réseau des Plate-formes de Protéomique de Suisse Occidentale"), a network of proteomics facilities in West Switzerland.

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