The PAF has implemented the following technologies :

Protein separation and profiling:

  • 1D-, 2D-PAGE with protein detection by Coomassie Blue and silver staining.
    (For more advanced 2D-PAGE requests, contact Riederer lab)
  • Liquid Chromatography (FPLC Akta Purifier 10) for ion exchange and reversed-phase*

*non offered as standard service, only after in-depth discussion or in the context of a collaboration.

Protein identification and characterisation :

  • protein identification by MS and tandem MS (MS/MS) in simple or complex mixtures by nano-capillary-LC-electrospray mass spectrometry
  • phosphorylation site analysis (phosphopeptide purification and identification)
  • relative quantification of proteins in complex mixtures
  • SILAC cell labelling for quantitative comparisons.

Targeting analysis of proteins and phosphoproteins by Reversed Phase Protein Arrays (RPPA):

  • Antibody tests and validation
  • Measuring levels of proteins and phosphoproteins with medium throughput and high sensitivity

The following presentation illustrate some of the above mentioned technologies and provide references and examples of applications:

PAF_INTRO_2017  (3028 Ko)

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