2D gels at Riederer's laboratory

Proteomics Satellite Service at the Centre de neurosciences psychiatriques (CNP), Cery | Poster describing the IR-labelling technology | References

Proteomics Satellite Service at the Centre de neurosciences psychiatriques (CNP), Cery

The laboratory of neuroproteomics at the CNP is led by Dr. Beat Riederer. This team is actively developing techniques for differential labeling and co-migration of several samples on one gel, coupled to very sensitive infrared detection or DIGE. Another focus of research is the labeling and characterization of proteins with reactive cysteines. For more info on their technologies or inquiry about possible collaborations, visit the Riederer's group web page (http://www.chuv.ch/psychiatrie/dp_home/dp-recherche/dp-recherche-centres/dp-cnp/dp-recherche-proteomique.htm)


  • Over 30 years of experience in electrophoresis and 2D gels (equilibrium and non-equilibrium IEF gels) (refs 1-7)
  • labelling of individual protein samples for infrared detection (IR680 and IR780 maleimides) allowing high-sensitivity multiplexing
  • 2D gels, mini-, midi-, maxi (7cm, 11cm, 18cm), Western blots, Coomassie blue, silver stain and DIGE
  • Differential IR-labelling of non-oxized and oxidized proteins in the same protein sample.
  • 2D gel analysis with Melanie 4 / Image master


Protein sample from a fibroblast cell culture were first labeled at thiol sites with DY680 maleimide (red), the proteins that were masked by oxidation and not available for the first labeling were reduced and so made available for the second step, a labeling with DY780 maleimide (green). The protein sample (5µg) was focused on a pH3-10 IEF strip in the first dimension and 12.5% SDS-PAGE in the second dimension. Down to 1 femto gramme of protein can be detected by the Odyssey Infrared Imaging System.


Poster describing the IR-labelling technology

IRdyesRiederer.pdf  (4602 Ko)


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