The Quantum State as the Memory of a Quantum System

A Physical Inquiry and a Metaphysical Appraisal



01-03 May, 2014


01 May: Anthropole 2064

02-03 May: Unithèque, Conference Room in the Library

Keynote Speakers

Guido Bacciagaluppi (Aberdeen)

Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge, UK)

Nicolas Gisin (Geneva)

Nino Zanghì (Genova)

Thursday 01 May (ANTH 2064)

17:00   Esfeld/Savona/Vassallo Welcome address
17:15 Nicolas Gisin Quantum nonlocality and realistic physics theories
18:15 Jeremy Butterfield Remarks on particles, fields and waves
19:30   Dinner (Restaurant de Dorigny)

Friday 02 May (Unithèque)

09:00 Mario Hubert Are Classical States Lagrangian or Hamiltonian?
10:00 Pui Him Ip The ontology of Hamilton-Jacobi theory as an argument in favour of a dispositionalist view of the quantum state
11:00   Coffee Break 
11:30 Michael Esfeld Primitive ontology first
12:30   Lunch (on campus) 
14:00 Nino Zanghì The big wave function and the small wave function
15:00 Davide Romano Decoherence and Bohmian Mechanics
16:00   Coffee Break 
16:30 Andrea Oldofredi Bohmian-type QFT and Malament no-go theorem
17:30 Vincent Lam Primitive ontology and unitary inequivalence
19:30   Dinner (Le Pinocchio) 

Saturday 03 May (Unithèque)

09:00 Guido Bacciagaluppi The misleading equivalence of decoherence and branching
10:00 Matthias Egg The role of the quantum state in the GRW matter density theory
11:00   Coffee Break 
11:30 Antonio Vassallo What is a quantum-gravitational state?
12:30 Vincenzo Savona Concluding Remarks
13:00   Lunch (Restaurant de Dorigny) 


Program (pdf)

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ALOHA by Ken Wharton (pdf)


This workshop is supported by CROSS and the Physics Section of the EPFL.


Michael Esfeld (UNIL)

Vincenzo Savona (EPFL)

Antonio Vassallo (UNIL)


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