Philosophy, Epistemology and History of Science I+II

SHS Master projects - academic year 2016-17

Wednesday 16-19h, room INR 219

Teacher: Prof. Michael Esfeld


How did the visions of space and time change from Galileo via Newton to Einstein? What is matter following the revolution introduced by quantum physics? What is a law of nature? Do mathematical objects really exist? These questions, among many others, will be tackled in the philosophical reflection on the exact sciences and their history that this master course offers. Reflecting on these issues provides intellectual tools for a better understanding of today's science and technologies.

After an introductory teaching, the students work in small groups of 1 to 3 students on a particular project and present their results to the whole group. Students are free to choose the project that interests them most, but we encourage them to work on a project that is about philosophical issues raised in connection with their main branch at EPFL. We propose several interdisciplinary projects in the philosophy of physics in cooperation with professors from the physics department.


Course Manual

All further information for this course is available on moddle EPFL.

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