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T cells in patients with narcolepsy target self-antigens of hypocretin neurons
Latorre D., Kallweit U., Armentani E., Foglierini M., Mele F., Cassotta A., Jovic S., Jarrossay D., Mathis J., Zellini F., Becher B., Lanzavecchia A., Khatami R., Manconi M., Tafti M., Bassetti CL., Sallusto F.
French Recommendations for Sugar Intake in Adults: A Novel Approach Chosen by ANSES
Tappy L., Morio B., Azzout-Marniche D., Champ M., Gerber M., Houdart S., Mas E., Rizkalla S., Slama G., Mariotti F., Margaritis I..
Fructose metabolism and noncommunicable diseases: recent findings and new research...
Prof. Luc Tappy, Department of Physiology
Dietary carbohydrates: role of quality and quantity in chronic disease
David S Ludwig and colleagues examine the links between different types of carbohydrates and health Ludwig DS., Hu FB., Tappy L., Brand-Miller J.
Are heterozygous carriers for hereditary fructose intolerance predisposed to metabolic...
Debray FG., Damjanovic K., Rosset R., Mittaz-Crettol L., Roux C., Braissant O., Barbey F., Bonafé L., De Bandt JP., Tappy L., Paquot N., Tran C.

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