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Skeletal muscles are force generators allowing interaction of the organism with the environment. When muscle contractions are repeated or sustained, after some time fatigue will develop and this will ultimately affect performance. Although everyone has already experienced fatigue, it is not easy to provide a clear definition, as fatigue is a multifactorial process and differs between situations. In our laboratory, we aim to elucidate the mechanisms underlying muscle fatigue in particular, and more generally investigate the muscle response to training or disease by assessing neuromuscular plasticity (i.e. neural and muscular adaptations). We use techniques such as electrical stimulation through the skin and recording of electrical activity of the muscles when they contract to distinguish central (neural) from peripheral (muscular) adaptations. We also use in vitro models (e.g. isolated mouse and human muscle fibers, human muscle biopsy analysis) to determine cellular/molecular mechanisms underlying what can be measured in exercising humans.

Examples of research lines in the laboratory:

  • Combination of integrative and mechanistic approaches to study muscle plasticity;
  • Wide-pulse, high-frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation;
  • Methodological studies.


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