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Somatic stem cells require a tight balance between proliferation and quiescence to ensure life-long replenishment of tissues. A disturbance in this balance can have severe consequences. The role of metabolism in this process has only recently gained attention and remains poorly understood. A better knowledge of metabolic stem cell regulation may offer new avenues to control stem cell behavior and may have important clinical implications. cover Front Biol 2015_small.jpg (cover draft4V3)

The main focus of the Laboratory of Stem Cell Metabolism are adult neural stem cells (NSPCs), which give rise to new neurons throughout adulthood. This process is called adult neurogenesis and has been shown to be disturbed in various cognitive diseases. We are interested in the metabolic regulation of neurogenesis in health, aging and disease, covering basic aspects of metabolic regulation as well as extrinsic influences on NSPC metabolism.

Furthermore, we are exploring whether there are common mechanism of metabolic regulation in different somatic stem cell compartments. 

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Schematic representation of the major metabolic pathways in NSPCs and their neuronal progeny. Shown are the major changes in metabolic pathways occurring in quiescent and proliferating NSPCs as well as in immature neurons in the adult dentate gyrus and the developing forebrain. From Knobloch & Jessberger, Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2017​



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