Protocol for project submission

Research projects

New projects should be submitted by e-mail to or

Submitted projects will be evaluated by the PMU Coordinator and the Scientific Director, in collaboration with the Scientific Committee. For each accepted project, one or more referee searchers will be chosen among the PMU people, given their domain of expertise.

A first scientific meeting will be organized rapidly, after a preliminary study of feasibility. This meeting will be attended by the PMU users, the referee searcher(s) of the PMU, and in principle at least one person of the following: PMU Coordinator and PMU Scientific Director. During this meeting, a list of objectives and a timeline for the principal steps will be established. It will also be the occasion to discuss the type of collaboration that will be considered: simple tasks will be performed without academic compensation, while participation to the authors list of eventual research papers will be requested for larger and more ambitious projects (See the Services and fees page).



Request for Molecular Modeling courses or tutorials should be submitted by e-mail to or

Submitted requests will be evaluated by the PMU Coordinator and the Scientific Director. If the request can be accepted, dates and places will be chosen as soon as possible, depending on the students, professors and hardware availabilities.

Computer room in GĂ©nopode used for Molecular Modeling and Graphics tutorials.