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Homology Modeling
Protein Engineering - Estimation of side chain contributions to the interaction between macromolecules
- Estimation of side chain contributions to the structural stability of a macromolecule
MD simulations Study of the dynamical behavior of macromolecules, in relation with the sequence and the structure
Drug Design - Docking of small molecules
- Study of the interactions between small molecules and macromolecules
- Design of new putative ligands
- Optimization of existing ligands
Molecular Graphics - Production of figures or short videos for scientific communications (poster, articles, presentations)
- Support in macromolecule visualization
Teaching - Molecular Modeling courses
- Molecular Graphics tutorial



The services of the Protein Modelling Unit is free of charge for members of the Biology and Medicine Faculty of the University of Lausanne.

If needed, the computational power used by the PMU to perform the project might have to be paid by the user.


For any information or new project, please contact, or