Molecular graphics


The PMF can product high-quality images or short videos suitable for scientific communications, like posters, articles, or oral presentations. The figures can be 2D drawings of chemical structures, 3D representations of a momacromolecular system in a large variety of representations, sequence alignments, etc...


The PMF also offers the possibility to help people display the 3D structures of macromolecules so they can visualize the system they are investigating. This can be helpful to get a rapid understanding of the position of residues of interest in the protein structure, and identify possible interactions with their environment. Other technologies are provided by the PMF to get a more detailed understanding of these interactions, as well as an estimation of the corresponding interaction energies.


The PMF uses several up-to-date softwares for visualizing, animating and analyzing macromolecules, such as Chimera or VMD

Chimera in use