Victor Joo, Group Pantaleo , worked on "Defining the mechanism of action in a novel class of anti-PD-1 antibodies" after a Master of Science in Immunology of Infectious Diseases at the University of London, UK, in September 2012.

Defense of Victor's thesis: 12.01.2021


Jonathan Sulc, Group Kutalik, worked on the subject "Genetic components of obesity, their interactions with lifestyle factors and their impact on health" after a Master of science in Sciences moléculaires du vivant at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, in January 2015.

twitter: @jonathan_sulc


Defense of Jonathan's thesis: 12.11.2021


Mattia Tomasoni, Group Bergmann, worked on the subject "Advanced analytics of large scale data" after a Master of science in Computer science at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, in March 2011.

twitter: @tomasoni123


Defense of Mattia's thesis: 16.02.2021

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