Authorization request procedure

Authorization request procedure is difficult and has 2 objectives

  • protect animals against unjustified constraints
  • ensure high scientific quality research

Multiple advising boards or persons are involved throughout the procedure: institutional authorities (DEA, AWO, veterinarian), cantonal and federal veterinarian authorities, cantonal committee for animal experimentation. Each one verifies, asks questions and advises researchers on procedures, methodology and animal welfare

Prodedure lasts at least 3 to 4 months, but may be longer if scientific project is complex. Authorization is required for each single project and last 3 years. Each modification regarding procedures, number of animals, experimenters must be submitted to DEA and to cantonal authorities for approval. If scientific project continue further, supervisor must submit a authorisation renewal to cantonal authorities; examination procedure is the same than for a new authorization request

 When asking for an authorization and before to start any experiment, researcher must fulfill numbers of conditions

  • Have appropriate education level according to swiss legislation; if not register to qualifying and/or continuous education courses
  • Verify education status of all involved experimenters, and register futures collaborators to education courses 
  • Ensure there is no possible alternatives to the use of vertebrate animal models 
  • Contact animal facility manager and verify housing requirements and possibilities
  • Ask cantonal veterinarian to be registered in federal software for animal experimentation (e-TierVersuche)
  • Write authorization request, define experimental design and appropriate statistical methodology
  • Submit it to director of animal experimentation and AWO
  • Submit it to cantonal authorities with help of DEA
  • Answer to questions asked by cantonal veterinarian or delegate
  • Answer to questions asked by cantonal committee for animal experimentation 
  • Receive the licence from cantonal veterinarian
  • Wait one month before to start any experiments (FSVO appeal period)
  • Announce each experiment (date, hour and place) to cantonal authorities
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