Laws and ordinances

Animal Protection Law (LPA; 455)

  • Protect animal dignity and ensure animal welfare;
  • Define principles on how to treat and house all animals (pets, farm animal, zoo animal, experimental animal)

Ordinance on animal protection (OPAn; 455.1)

  • Define rules and housing conditions in a precise manner (authorized and forbidden procedures, education level, sizes and minimal requirements on housing infrastructrure)

Ordinance on animal experimentation(OExA; 455.163)

  • Define rules of animal experimentation and monitoring of experimental animal (housing, breeding, constraints, monitoring)

Ordinance of DFI on education courses for housing and treating animals (OFPAn; 455.109.1)

  • Define contents and minimal duration of education courses

Ordinance on electronic managment of animal experiments (O_SIGEXPA; 455.61)

  • Define managment of authorization requests, licences and reports


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