Lemanic animal facility network (resal)

What is Resal?

The Lemanique Animal Facility Network (Resal) is an organized network of the biomedical research institutions, including the CHUV, EPFL, UNIL, HUG, UNIGE, which conducts animal experimentation. The aim of the Convention establishing this network is to give to the researchers the optimal opportunities in terms of quantity, quality, proximity and cost.

Since its establishment in 2004, ResAL includes the following animal facilities:

  • The EPFL animal facility in Ecublens,
  • The UNIL animal facility in Epalinges
  • The CIG-UNIL animal facility at Dorigny in Lausanne
  • The CHUV and UNIL animal facilities at the Bugnon area in Lausanne
  • The Faculty of Medicine of the UNIGE and HUG in Geneva
  • The animal facility of the Faculty of Science of the UNIGE in Geneva
  • The animal facility of Campus Biotech in Geneva

Ss well as all the other animal facilities which would be created in the next future.

The Resal network was created to coordinate and optimize management activities, education and communication related to animal experimentation.

Resal is composed of:

  • Advisory board
  • Executive committee

Resal advisatory board composition

  1. Five representatives of the Resal members.
  2. The president of the executive committee.


1. Representatives of the Resal members

Name Institution
Prof. Didier Trono EPFL
Prof. Nicolas Fasel UNIL
Prof. Thierry Pedrazzini Hospices/CHUV
Prof. Denis Duboule UNIGE
Prof. Léo Bühler HUG

2. Executive committee

Name Function
Dr med vet Laure Sériot UNIL representative
Dr med vet Maëlle Le Pottier UNIGE/HUG representative
DrSc. Xavier Warot EPFL representative

The executive committee is helped by a coordinator and a veterinarian

Name Function
DrSc. Fabienne Chabaud Coordinator Resal
Dr med vet Gisèle Ferrand Veterinarian EPFL/UNIL
CHUV-Epalinges - CLEB 01 101 - Av. des Boveresses 155 - CH-1011 Lausanne
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