What to do with your certificates?


Certificates of continuous education that you received must be up-loaded in E-TV and submitted to cantonal operator for validation. It means that you are registered in e-TV as experimenter or director of experimentation, and you are currently working on a project which is authorized. 

Up-dating your continuous education statut in e-TV:

To up-date your profile:

If you have access to e-TV, select tab "my profile", then tab "training records" , click on "add new", choose courses of interest *, click on "add selected training", up-load the certificates, register and submit to cantonal operator

* In e-TV, all continuous education courses accredited by ASVC are listed in tab " admitted training courses" ; when up-dating your prolile, this list will automatically appear once clicking on "add new" : you need to select the right one, click on "add selected training", up-load your attendance certificate, register and submit to cantonal operator. If the course was accredited by cantonal veterinarian authorities, you need to click on  "others" , up-load attendance certificate, register and submit. If informations such as date of accreditation, duration and cantonal authorities are not mentionned on attendance certificate, you must add a comment when up-loading certificate and provide all justifications, before to submit to the canton operator.

If you don't have access to e-TV, send the certificates to your direct supervisor and to your director of animal experimentation, who will do up-loading and submission to cantonal operator for you


Up-dating your profile

If you are working at UNIL or CHUV:

Send your certificates to direct supervisor and at direxpanim@unil.ch 

If you are working at UNIGE or HUG:

Send your certificates to direct supervisor and at  formation-expanim@unige.ch 

If you are working at EPFL: 

Send your certificates to direct supervisor and at animallicenses@epfl.ch 

If you are working at Campus Biotech for UNIGE or EPFL: 

Send your certificates to direct supervisor and at Quentin.barraud@epfl.ch


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