Where to get informations about continuous education


Accreditated courses organized by swiss institutions and symposia (ASVC accreditation)

The list of accreditated courses is published in e-TV in tab  "admitted training courses".

Courses organized by the resal


Symposia accredited as continuous education for animal experimentation


Courses organized by  LTK - Module 3 (M3) to Module 19 (M19):



Courses organized by other association or company

1. For animal caretakers by professionnal association (SVBT/ASFSA)


2. For persons working with aquatic species, by Ecotoxsolutions



Courses organized abroad by companies

1. Courses on laboratory animals science

Fondation G. Bernardini

Information and registration: https://www.fondazioneguidobernardini.org/en/programs.html


2. Education and scientific consulting


Biosciences & Co


3. Surgery training courses without living animals





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