Management agencies and research platforms

Community of Science Inc. - COS

COS provides a full range of Internet-based services for the world's researchers.

Universities, corporations, societies, private institutions, government agencies and individual researchers all depend on COS Web-based products and services to find funding, promote their work, identify experts, manage resources, and collaborate with colleagues.


European Science Foundation - ESF

Setting Science Agendas for Europe

The ESF provides a common platform for its Member Organisations in order to:

  • advance European research
  • explore new directions for research at the European level

Through its activities, the ESF serves the needs of the European research community in a global context.


Agence universitaire de la francophonie - AUF

The AUF operates on the international scene from its head office and central services located in Montreal and Paris. It has 70 institutions in 40 countries.

Since 1989, this association of universities operates in the francophone regions. It regroups partner institutions who have chosen French as a teaching laguage. It proposes several cooperation programmes including research and education in French.

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