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Sensory-Motor Laboratory

Create THEORETICAL MODELS of sensory-motor integration
Understand the PATHOPHYSIOLOGY of sensory-motor deficits
Develop new therapies for sensory-motor REHABILITATION
2018 Sep - Gustavo PAMPLONA to join SeMoLa as postdoc in Brain Mapping
2018 May - Silvio IONTA appointed as vitising professor at Campus Biomedico University (Rome, IT)
2018 Apr - Silvio IONTA receives the "Visiting Programme" travel grant from Campus Biomedico University (Rome, IT)
2018 Mar - Borja RODRIGUEZ to join SeMoLa as postdoc in Neurostimulation
2017 Oct - David ZEUGIN to join the LNDS doctoral school
2017 Sep - Silvio IONTA receives the Professeurs Boursiers grant by SNSF
Jules Gonin Eye Hospital - Avenue de France 15 - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 626 82 47
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