Conférences et colloques à l'Unil en 2013

Semestre d'automne 2013 | Semestre de printemps 2013

Semestre d'automne 2013

- 5 décembre 2013

Prof. Dr Katja Triplett (Univ. of Göttingen)
"Formulae for Success: Ayurvedic medicine and the Establishment of Buddhism in Japan"

Ideas on the physical body, illness and health originally developed in India and belonging to the heterogeneous tradition of !yurveda reached China and finally Japan via Buddhist textual, aesthetic and ritual activities. !ryuvedic ideas were then connected with indigenous perceptions of the body and socio-cosmological worldviews. Various textual and material sources are investigated in this paper and the role of these ideas are examined as factors in the highly successful establishment of Buddhism as a state religion in 8th century Japan. Terminological problems faced in working on these materials such as 'religious' or 'magical healing' as opposed to 'secular, scientific and evidence-based medicine', are also assessed. The sources under investigation treat both ritual and medical knowledge in a combined way and should therefore be understood as a part of a wider framework of strategies by the political elite to incorporate Buddhism - felt to be a strange but exceedingly powerful religion from far-away India - into the Japanese mainstream religious system.


- 20 novembre 2013

Profs Blain Auer & Ingo Strauch (Unil)
Conférences inaugurales de la Faculté des Lettres:

Blain Auer: "The Dewdrop on the Red Tulip: Between Literary and Cultural History of Islamic South Asia"

Ingo Strauch: "La découverte d'une littérature perdue. Le bouddhisme du Gandhara entre l'Inde et la Chine"

Semestre de printemps 2013

- 2 mai 2013

Dr Xenia Zeiler
"Mediatized Hinduism and Its Global Impact"


- 3 mai 2013

Dr Xenia Zeiler
"Tantra as Mainstream ? Hindu-Tantric Deities and Rituals In Recent India"


- 15-17 mai 2013

L'orientalisme des marges, colloque du SLAS
Org.: Dr Philippe Bornet & Dr Svetlana Gorshenina


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