Welcome to new staff


UNIL is delighted to welcome you to the institution and to its campus.

The Human Resources department is available to answer any questions you may have concerning your employment contract with UNIL and to provide general information concerning personnel administration/HR, for example questions concerning residence permits, remuneration conditions, welfare insurance and the pension fund.

We also offer workshops and targeted courses to meet the needs of faculties and departments, as well as standard programmes in the field of human resources (recruitment, welfare insurance, etc.).

Living in Switzerland as a foreign national: everything you need to know about entry, residence and employment. Information about moving house, purchasing land, withholding tax, welfare insurance, visa requirements for travel to EU member states and special courses for foreign children.

Compensation and social insurances


The two most important types of insurance

- Health insurance: information

- Accident insurance: information

Online comparison sites: www.priminfo.ch and www.comparis.ch


Tax in Switzerland

Tax and taxation in Switzerland (in French)

Tax declarations


Remuneration and welfare insurance

The following links provide general information:

Salaries - taxes
Social security benefits
Formalities when leaving


Social security: the Swiss three pillars system

Social security

Social security in Switzerland is based on three pillars: state provision, occupational provision and private provision. The third is the least well known but provides some significant advantages (full information).

Third pillar (in French)

Old age, survivors and disability insurance (in French)


Pension Fund

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Welcome to administrative and technical personnel (PAT)
Welcome to apprentices
Welcome to graduate assistants/doctoral students/junior lecturers

Welcome sessions:

Welcome sessions are organised one or more times a year for all UNIL staff. They provide an introduction to the University generally, through talks, films, visits and stands, and provide information regarding your employment contract.

These sessions are organised by the Human Resources department for Administrative and Technical staff (PAT) three times a year, for graduate assistants and doctoral students twice a year, one session in French and one in English, and for apprentices once a year.

Invitations are sent to those concerned by e-mail.


Welcome to teaching staff


Your partner

You and your family

For those coming to Lausanne from abroad or from a non French-speaking part of Switzerland, we are pleased to confirm that support in specific areas is available to you and your family to help you settle in, after you have signed your employment contract.

This accompaniment is offered by two external providers and the Human Resources department is also available to answer any questions you may have regarding your employment contract with UNIL.

The Rectorate of the University organises the welcome for new professors. This takes place at the start of the academic year.

If your partner is looking for work in the Lake Geneva region, you can benefit from a personalised support service to help with the search for a job:

• Evaluation of employment possibilities in Switzerland; preparing for a job interview; support in preparing a CV and covering letters

• Professional networks for non-academic careers

The following services are available to help you settle into the region as smoothly as possible:

• Search for housing, tips on settling in before you arrive

• Information about day-to-day life

• Support with schooling and extra-curricular activities for children

• Assistance with administrative formalities (personal insurance, local authorities, etc.)


Welcome Flyer
Welcome to faculty member process
FAQ - Welcome


Moving costs

When a full, associate or assistant professor, a senior lecturer or lecturer, at a rate of at least 80% and for a minimum period of two years, is appointed to UNIL, the Dean’s office may decide to grant a subsidy to cover part of their moving costs, provided the person concerned takes up residence in the Canton de Vaud.

The amount of the subsidy corresponds to 75% of the actual moving costs up to a maximum of CHF 10,000 and is payable on presentation of supporting documents indicating the costs of the move.

Directive 1.14 below on the contribution to moving costs will give you more details.

Directive 1.14 contribution to moving costs


Welcome to researchers without an employment contract

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The Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre offers its services to visiting researchers and professors who are neither enrolled at UNIL nor employed by it, as well as to international non-teaching staff. Please do not hesitate to contact the Welcome Centre for further information about the services available.

Welcome Centre


Legal requirements and UNIL Directives

Laws, regulations and UNIL & Canton de Vaud directives

Internal directives of the University of Lausanne (in French)

The HR life cycle:

All HR and personnel management actions are rooted in the employee life cycle.


*Copyright for this graphic is held by the University of Lausanne’s HR department. It is strictly reserved for institutional use only. It may not be copied or modified. Any other use, dissemination or reproduction on any medium whatsoever requires the prior agreement in writing of the Human Resources department at the University of Lausanne.

Some of the services provided by the Human Resources department

Support and advice


  • Contracts
  • Welfare insurance
  • Leave
  • Certificates of employment
  • Payroll administration
  • Reference point for laws, regulations and UNIL directives

And lots more besides (https://www.unil.ch/srh/home/menuinst/nos-prestations.html)


Getting in touch

- For any additional information, please visit our website

- Or contact us: https://www.unil.ch/srh/contact


Employees under contract:


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