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Maas Harro

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Master in economics; Master in Philosophy, University of Amsterdam

Doctorat ès sciences économique, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)
Mechanical Reasoning: William Stanley Jevons and the Making of Modern Economics.

Expériences professionnelles

1 June 2016-present: editor of Cambridge University Press series Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics.

1 January 2015 - present: full professor, Centre Walras-Pareto for the history of economic and political science, University of Lausanne.

1 March 2011 - 31 December 2014: associate professor, Utrecht School of Economics, Utrecht University.

June 2005- 28 February 2011: associate professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam.

1994-2005: assistant professor, Faculty of Economics and Econometrics, University of Amsterdam.

1983-1998 high school teacher in economics.

Autres activités

Review and referee activities
Princeton University Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Palgrave, Austrian, Canadian, and French and US National Research Councils, Economic Journal, History of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Methodology, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Economics and Philosophy, History of Economic Ideas, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Revue d'Histoire des Sciences Humaines, Centaurus, History of Psychology, Isis, Science in Context, Synthese, History of the Behavioral Sciences, History of Psychology, European Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

Membership Editorial Board
2014- Editorial Board Oeconomia
2008- Editorial Board Journal of the History of Economic Thought (JHET)
2008- 2015 History of Political Economy (HOPE).
2007- Editorial Board The Journal of Economic Methodology (JEM).
1997-2007 Editorial Board De Helling: tijdschrift van het Wetenschappelijk Bureau van GroenLinks.(scientific journal Dutch green party)
2002-2003- Editiorial board Dictionary of British Economists, Thoemmes Press.

Participation in Scientific Networks
2015-2019 core participant group 4 Circulating Knowledge in the Low Countries in the Early Modern Period, Descartes Centre for the History of the Sciences and the Humanities, Utrecht University.
2006-2010 core participant research project "The History of Scientific Observation", Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Section II (Dir. Prof. Lorraine Daston), Berlin.
2006- 2009 affiliate researcher Leverhulme Trust/ESRC funded research project "How Well do Facts Travel", Economic History Department, LSE, London (directed by Mary Morgan and Peter Howlett).



PhD supervisions
1 October 2017 - present Marius Kuster. Thesis subject: the use of metaphors in the history of business cycle research: The German Case.
1 October 2015 - present David Philippy. Thesis subject: history of applied behavioral economics
January 2015 - present Jan Middendorp. (co-promotor Prof. Frank den Butter, Free University, Amsterdam). Thesis subject: economists between science and politics: the intellectual lives of Jelle Zijlstra and Johannes Witteveen.
1 July 2008- 30 January 2014 Dr. Andrej Svorencik (MSc) (co-promotor with Prof. Mary S. Morgan and prof. Janneke Plantenga). Thesis Title: The experimental Turn in Economics. (Andrej Svorencik is presently holding a post-doc position in the economics department of the University of Mannheim, Dorfman Award 2017 for best thesis in history of economics of the History of Economics Society)
- 1 July 2008 - 28 February 2013 Dr. Federico D'Onofrio (co-promotor with prof. Mary S. Morgan and prof. Janneke Plantenga). Thesis Title: Knowing to Transform: Three Ways for Agricultural Economists to Observe Italy 1900-1940. (Currently as post-doc at UNIL, Lausanne, after post docs at INED, Paris, Duke University, and Yale University with prof. James C. Scott, on a Rubicon grant of the Dutch Science Foundation)
-March 2004 - June 2009: Dr. Floris Heukelom (co-promotor with Prof. John Davis). Thesis title: Kahneman and Tversky and the Making of Behavioral Economics. (currently assistant professor Radboud University, thesis published with CUP).
January 2004 - May 2012: Dr. Maarten Biermans (co-promotor with Prof. John Davis). Thesis title: Decency and the Market: The ILO's Decent Work Agenda as a Moral Boundary of the Market (currently employed as business consultant)


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