How can we plan for ecological and social transformation? Scenarios and public policy

Brief description

Principal investigators: Eric Jondeau (HEC), Véronique Boillet (FDCA), Martino Maggetti (SSP), Julia Steinberger (FGSE)

This project explores the strategies and public policy instruments that would enable Switzerland to enter the donut, i.e. to significantly reduce its ecological footprint in a spirit of social justice and concern for well-being.

Using a dynamic model, the project will analyze the potential of different packages of measures and regulatory modalities, which it will explore in different scenarios. It will also carry out an inventory of existing and hypothetical public policies, with the aim of identifying inconsistencies and developing a systemic toolbox for change agents. Particular attention will also be paid to the legal dimension, in order to identify legal obstacles to change, as well as the legal justifications for supporting it.


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