Stiefel Léa

Les Technologies numériques dans le secteur de l’agriculture en Suisse, sous la direction du professeur Dominique Vinck (Institut des sciences sociales, Laboratoire d’étude des sciences et des techniques, Laboratoire de cultures et humanités digitales)

Sous la direction de D. Vinck, Université de Lausanne

The thesis focuses on the introduction of digital technologies in the agriculture sector in Switzerland. The digitalization of agriculture is animated by great ambitions and relies on combined economic, ecological and social arguments: while expected to renew the agricultural sector by strengthening its competitiveness and transparency, it also claims to guarantee the jobs of tomorrow. However, digitalization of agriculture is still far from being accomplished. In this context, the thesis proposes a cautionary entry into the practices supporting and composing the circulation of these data - from the field or barn to the large public and/or private databases. Anchored in the framework of the so-called « Infrastructure and Repair and Maintenance Studies », the thesis will produce direct observations and interviews with its main actors: designers and users of large agricultural databases. Then, by means of this investigative work, the thesis aims to shed light on the practices of collection, storage, preservation, processing and connecting of databases, as well as on the socio-technical issues that are raised by these practices.