Probing Innovation: Prospecting, Valuing, and Negotiating F®ictions

1st STS Lab Summer School, University of Lausanne, co-organised by PaSTISUniversity of Padova, and LHST-EPFL, supported by STS-CH and SNF.

The 1st STS Lab Summer School, held at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) from 6 to 9 June 2023, will be Probing Innovation by bringing together leading scholars and upcoming researchers, thus offering a forum for engaged discussion and critical reflection on “innovation” and its multiple aspects, including the prospects, values, facts, and f®ictions  (Lowenhaupt Tsing 2005, 2020) at play in empirical cases, the “registered trademark” sign indicating one recurring friction, between private and public interests – others are to be added (e.g., between R&D and PR, if not “fact” and “fiction”), depending upon field, STS interest, and approach.

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