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Toward exposome characterisation: evaluation of toxic effects of chemicals on the organism

The UFT has the mandate to support the collaborations and the sharing of ressources in the area of toxicology research and development within the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne.


Covering several strategic axes, UFT activity is directed toward the improvement of our knowledge on modelsbiomarkers and toxicity mechanisms  associated to 1) trace elements, 2) drugs/narcotics or 3) endocrine disruptors


In this context, the UFT develops and participates to many interdisciplinary projects in tight collaboration with physicians, biologists, analytical scientists and bioinfromaticians. In particular, UFT activity is focused on the use and development of innovative "omics" approaches to evaluate the toxicodynamic responses induced in the organism by xenobiotics, as well as the molecular basis of vulnerability, by employing in vitro and in vivo models.