Pregnancy and maternity protection


Legal provisions and responsibilities

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the health of the mother and the child should be protected. There are legal provisions concerning aspects of such protection at the workplace. Their application at UNIL is described in Direction guidelines 1.38 ("Protection de la santé des femmes enceintes", in French).

At UNIL, UniSEP Service is responsible and competent to evaluate activities which are hazardous and/or painful for the pregnant or breastfeeding woman.


Pregnancy notification duty

Any pregnant employee should complete the « Identification des dangers et protection de la maternité » formular (in French) with their line management at the earliest. This formular, as the management guidelines, can be dowloaded on the human resources website ("Infos administratives" > "Formulaires internes").


Further information

For any application for a risk analysis of your workplace, please do not hesitate to contact UniSEP's maternity protection specialists if you consider having a child, are pregnant or brestfeeding. All inquiries are treated confidentially!


Being a parent at UNIL?

More information is available for (future) parents at the UNIL Equal Opportunities Office.

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