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Welcome to Campus

The University of Lausanne is a research institution composed of seven faculties where approximately 14 980 students and 2 800 researchers work and study. (photos of campus)

UNIL is focused on several academic disciplines, especially Medicine, Life Sciences, Geosciences, Environment, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. An emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary approach, with close cooperation between students, teaching staff, and professors.

The University of Lausanne’s main campus is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. This picturesque landscape of the Alps and Lake provides the ideal setting for study and research. To preserve this natural environment, UNIL’s campus is managed according to the principles of sustainable development.
The University of Lausanne is situated in the heart of the French-speaking region of Switzerland, found in the centre of Western Europe – close to France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. It pursues an active policy of collaboration at both local and international levels.


Films about UNIL

You will find this film and others on the UNILTV.


Welcome to UNIL

Welcome to UNIL

Academic Calendar

Important dates on campus are noted in the academic calendar. For example: start dates of the fall and spring semesters, exam periods, and public holidays.


What is happening on campus and beyond?

Make sure to bookmark this website in your internet browser: the UNIL online newspaper (in French). This source of news will keep you up to date with all events, news and activities on campus and beyond. Here you'll find information about conferences, seminars, research, but also practical matters and so much more. 

We also advise to sign up within our social event, Meet & Greet. Registration is mandatory!


Campus card

On campus, the Campus Card is necessary. This card functions as a campus id card, a wallet, a key and a library card. So make sure you get one of these. The person who welcomes you upon your arrival on campus can help you get a card. Look at the map to find out where you can charge and validate your card.


UNIL web-account and e-mail address

As soon as the Human Resources Department registers your work contract, a web-account will be created for you automatically. This account gives you access to the Intranet, your personal account, and a UNIL mail-account (webmail.unil.ch). The username and password will be sent to your new work address in a sealed envelope.
It is not possible to create your account before the Human Resources Department has entered the contract into the electronic system.


Restaurants, menus and shops

There are several options for where to grab something to eat and drink on campus. Prices are very affordable, especially if you show your campus card to get the reductions. The website for the different restaurants shows menus (where they are available), the menu in the left sidebar shows the different restaurants/cafeterias on campus. There is also a map over the restaurants/cafeterias.

On Tuesdays between 15.00 and 18.00 there is a farmers market in front of the Grange de Dorigny. You can pre-order baskets with seasonal fruit, vegetables, bread and cheese (check the website for dates and details).

A few stores are available on campus, as well as two cash machines (bank BCV): one in the Internef building, the other at the Sport Centre.
Also, over at the neighboring EPFL (Technical University) there is a recently built shopping centre including stores, medical centre, pharmacy, dentist, and more. The shopping centre is right by the metro station EPFL.


Parking at UNIL

It is very easy to access the campus using public transportations. However, if you use your car you need to buy a parking permit. You sign up online and then you get the permit at the Parking office which is located in the building called Annexe de la Mouline, office 202 and is open Monday to Friday 9.00-17:00. There are several big parkings and with the parking permit you can park your car depending on the parking authorizations of your choice. 



The Sport Centre (Centre Sport et Santé) is situated on the shores of the lake, at the south border of campus (map). The beautiful surroundings and the top quality infrastructure is an opportunity for employees and students to increase their health and well-being. The choice is abundant and there is an activity for all tastes and types. To access the sport centre you have to pass the secretariat and pay for a membership card. The colleagues can also give you more information about the different activities.



The Cantonal and University Library in Lausanne (BCUL) has five libraries, two are situated on the main University campus. It is one of the biggest public libraries in Switzerland with vast collections of books, journals, manuscripts, electronic resources, and more. The library on top of the main cafeteria in the Unithèque building on campus covers all specific subject areas of humanities and all historic periods. This site also offers many study places where you can work and study. The library in the Internef building has books and journals related to law and economy subjects and also offers a calm place to read and work.

Find online journals with online subscriptions.

It is very easy to connect to the library databases from home and get access to all online journals and resources. Information about how to log in.



Useful information for researchers at UNIL.

Unisciences is a database where you can find information about the work of researchers and research departments at the University of Lausanne.



Le Centre de Soutien à l'Enseignement

The centre for teaching support (CSE) provides help for new teachers and teachers who wish to reflect upon and develop their teaching methods to improve student learning in their courses. The goal of CSE is to promote a culture that values and rewards teaching across the university. The competencies and resources of the CSE straddle four fields:

1. Teaching at the university (pedagogy of higher education);

2. Individual coaching and advice;

3. Teaching evaluations;

4. Research projects on teaching and learning.

Courses and workshops available for teachers (some in French and some in English).

Practical information about technical material in the classrooms and technical assistance from the UNICOM department (in French).


Organizational Departments of UNIL (services)

International Relations Office - Relations Internationales

The International Relations Office is in charge of public relations and the marketing of UNIL internationally. This department is also providing assistance to researchers in motion. The Welcome Centre is part of the International Relations department.

The Human Resources Department - Service des Ressources Humaines

The Human Resources Department at UNIL is organized in Faculty teams. An HR manager and one, or two, HR assistants are in charge of one faculty and help this faculty with all HR issues. This team can help out with all questions related to your engagement and contract, taxes, recruitment, family allocations, working permits, salaries, social charges, ombudsman/woman, UNIL regulations, conflict resolution, and the management of departments.

IT Support - Centre Informatique

The IT department can help you with your questions concerning IT, whether in relation to your teaching, your research, or your personal e-mail account.

Buildings, offices and infrastructure - Unibat

If you need a new desk, chair or a key, a room for a conference or research seminar, help moving offices, or flowers for a front desk, you contact Unibat. The department for buildings, offices and infrastructure, is responsible for providing an appropriate work, study and research environment for all the members of the University community.

The Equal Opportunities Office - Bureau de l'Egalité

The Equal Opportunities Office is the driver of many initiatives pertaining to the full participation of women, on a par with men, at the University of Lausanne. More specifically, the colleagues at BEC are working closely with the faculties to increase the number of women at professorial levels and to promote gender equality in general.

List of all organizational departments - Services

List of all the organizational departments of UNIL (services)




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