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ALPS network

ALPS stands for Arc Lémanique Plant Science.
It is a regional network between Scientists at the University of Geneva and Lausanne.
It is part of a national network, the Swiss Plant Science Web which has an additional two local networks covering most of Switzerland Universities involved in research in plant science.

Each local network follows the same goals while each of them takes a specific role in the overall running structure.

In 2011, ALPS provides a networking platform to the 19 group leaders working on various aspects of plant molecular biology at the University Geneva and the University of Lausanne. ALPS regroups a total of 42 PhD students, 59 post-doctoral fellows and support personnel.

ALPS provides two technology platforms on the topic of Bio-molecular Analysis (BMA). Both are run by qualified staff who also provides useful information from sample preparation to result analysis.

ALPS allows students to choose courses at either Universities which can fully be recognised in their plan of studies.

Being part of the national SPSW network, ALPS provides wider opportunities for students and scientists to attend workshop, summer schools or use of the other two technology platforms.

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