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Currently the teaching in international law at the Faculty is coordinated by the Chaire de droit international public (DIP) (Chair in Public International Law), an integral part of the Centre de droit comparé, européen et international (CDCEI) (Centre for Comparative, European and International Law). A number of adjunct professors supports theses efforts.

The CDCEI is the successor institution to the first Institute of Comparative Law created in Switzerland (Institut de droit comparé) in 1963. In 1993 this institute has has been endowed with a Chair in European Law and - after the dissolution of the old Institut d’études de droit international (IEDI) in 2001 - it first welcomed the Chair in Private international LAw and later the Chair of Public International Law (that had been hosted by the Centre for Public Law for a while).

The first teachings in international law at the University were given by Jean Barbeyrac starting in 1711. He had been appointed in 1708 th the first Chair in Law at what was then called the Académie de Lausanne - the precdecssor of the University of Lausanne.



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Lecturers and Fellows

Toni Pfanner (Former Legal Adviser at the ICRC, Lecturer in International Humanitarian Law)

Juliette Voinov Kohler (Legal Adviser at UNEP, Lecturer inf International Environmental Law)

Daniel Rietiker (Legal Adviser at the Council of Europe, Lecturer in Public International Law)


Nicolas Bueno (Graduate Researcher, PostDoc)

Giulia Persoz (PHD Student with a DOC.CH Grant by the SNF)

Research Assistants

Professeure Evelyne SCHMID

Constance Kaempfer

Raphael Marlétaz 

Sophie Thirion



Professeur Andreas R. ZIEGLER

Csilla Horber

Silvio da Silva

Sofia Balzaretti 



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