Current students

Current PhD students in Actuarial Sciences

Name Thesis director Keywords
Araujo Acuna José Carlos H. Albrecher risk theory, ruin probabilities, actuarial statistics
Bladt Martin H. Albrecher probability theory, stochastic control, machine learning
Breuer Anja J. Wagner blockchain technology and insurance, regulation
Finger Dina H. Albrecher credibility theory, insurance pricing, machine learning
Flores Contró José Miguel S. Arnold health insurance schemes, microinsurance, data analytics, big data, key performance indicators (KPIs)
Glushko Viktoriya S. Arnold cause-specific mortality, dependence, cointegration, aging
Jasnovidov Grigori E. Hashorva theory of probabilities, gaussian processes, ruin theory, extremal of Brownian Motion
Jijiie Anca-Stefania S. Arnold occupational pension system, retirement schemes and pension funds, generational transfers
Kalouguina Veronika J. Wagner (co-directeur: Ch. Courbage, HEG Genève) insurance economics, health risks and prevention, personalized health
Kriukov Nikolai E. Hashorva probability theory, Gaussian processes, large deviations of processes
Krystecki Konrad Adam E. Hashorva Gaussian processes, asymptotic behaviour, ruin theory
Maichel-Guggemoos Liselotte J. Wagner motor insurance market, life insurance and asset management, strategic management
Montoliu Montes Guillem J. Wagner (co-directeur: Ch. Courbage, HEG Genève) long-term care, insurance, applied and micro-economics
Shemendyuk Aleksandr J. Wagner long-term care, data analysis, machine learning, mathematical modelling
Ugarte Andrey J. Wagner long-term care insurance, determinants, market potential, financing schemes
Vincent Léonard H. Albrecher (co-directeur: F. Dufresne) reinsurance, randomized reinsurance, capital requirements
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