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Our new Master of Science (MSC) in Environmental Science offers:

- an advanced scientific grounding

- an understanding of the fundamental links between the observation, modelling and monitoring of environmental phenomena

- an interdisciplinary approach

The teaching programme focuses on areas of study affected by both physical and chemical processes as well as the interactions between environmental disruptors and living organisms.

2 orientation modules:

  • Natural hazards and risk
    offers a training in the analysis of natural hazards from the study of physical processes through to their management, via the quantification of their probability of occurrence.
  • Aquatic science
    offers a multidisciplinary training in issues relating to freshwater. It has been created and developed in terms of global-scale issues, but integrating a focus on the continuum of freshwater processes typic al of the Swiss landscape where the mountains play a critical role as the « water towers » of Europe.

Degree awarded

Master of Science (MSc) in Environmental Geoscience, orientation in Natural hazards and risk

Master of Science (MSc) in Environmental Geoscience, orientation in Aquatic science

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