There are 2 periods for a rent :

. during the ACADEMIC YEAR and


The rent during the ACADEMIC YEAR :

is reserved to students of High Schools, in particular the University (UNIL) and the Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL).

The first contract to lease, renewable, is drawn up for the 10 months of the academic year, from -September until early July, or can also start from -July or -August.



. During Summer time, the rent is available to everybody (Students as well as non-Students).

  We have rooms for rent from July, by week or month,

  till end of August/beginning September.


We are full this Summer in July-August and for this new academic year from September 1st, until end of June 2020.
If you wish to join for 2020-21, you'll find a registration form from March 1st 2020, opening time for future inscriptions, on this web site
Registration for Summer 2020 will be online by the end of this month of August.


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