Getting support



A completed Master's degree is required to apply for a Foundation support.

The following are eligible:

  • Greek students and researchers carrying out their studies/research at a Swiss university
  • Swiss students and researchers carrying out their studies/research in a field of interest to Greece

Please note that:

A scholarship may be withdrawn by the Foundation Board in the event of abuse, cheating or any other factor justifying the withdrawal.

Decisions to award or withdraw a scholarship are final and without appeal.




Solicitations made to other public or private organizations as well as any support received should be indicated on the application form.

Funding for a period of study or research must not exceed the usual duration of that period, except in exceptional circumstances. In addition, the renewal of a scholarship is subject to the submission of a fully satisfactory report from the institution in which the studies or research are carried out.


Deadline to apply


Complete applications must be submitted to the secretariat of the Sophie Afenduli Foundation by March 31st at the latest.


Form and documents to be provided

Document à fournir
  • The completed application form in English or French
  • A cover letter written in English or French explaining the goals of the project
  • A curriculum vitae in English or French
  • A copy of diplomas and transcripts (legalized translation into French or English if necessary)
  • At least two reference letters, in English or French
  • A certificate from the UNIL professor committing himself/herself as a scientific leader
  • A copy of the identity document certifying nationality
  • A copy of the student card, failing that, the certificate of registration or the employer's certificate, if applicable
  • An introductory video in accordance with the criteria set out in the application form. Please note that the video is for the exclusive use of members of the Foundation Board.

Download the form


Submit a request

Déposer une demande

The documents must be sent in PDF format by March 31st to: ou by regular mail


Reports to be submitted

Rapport à remettre

At the end of the subsidized period and, no later than March 31st following the year of operation, the beneficiaries of a grant shall submit to the Foundation Board:

  • the initial application form completed in the grey fields
  • a report on the progress of their work, including an introductory "lay summary", accompanied by appropriate appendices
  • a financial report

Beneficiaries of support commit themselves to mention the Sophie Afenduli Foundation in all documents and other materials related to the subsidized activity.


Further information

Beneficiaries are not entitled to get any non-public information about the Foundation.

Fondation Sophie Afenduli - Direction de l'UNIL - Bâtiment Unicentre - 1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 20 44
Fax +41 21 692 20 15