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Whole-cell bacterial biosensors have been shown to be valuable tools for measuring arsenite and arsenate in potable water. They are inexpensive, easy to apply and provide accurate and reliable measurements in short time. Features which make the analysis of arsenite and arsenate simple and comfortable.

In this intensive, hands-on workshop you will learn how the different sensor types are produced and applied. Thanks to an expert team you will acquire the knowledge and skills to apply biosensors immediately in your own laboratory.

In addition, this two-day workshop will provide a unique platform to discuss the current status of arsenic mitigation in Vietnam and to consider the pros and contras of existing arsenic tests with a panel of experts.



  1. To provide background information on arsenic contamination of potable water in Vietnam.

  2. To highlight the main strategies in arsenic testing in Vietnam.

  3. To gain a basic understanding of the production, utilisation, quality control, and storage of whole-cell bacterial sensors.

  4. To provide an intensive training in the skills required for the application of arsenic biosensors.

  5. To foster cooperation and knowledge sharing among the workshop participants.



The workshop is addressed to all those working in water supply, water quality and environmental monitoring. Lectures held on Wednesday morning, October 26, are open for everyone.

Due to space limitation, only invited guests can be admitted to the laboratory training. Participants of the laboratory training are requested to attend the workshop on both days.


Accomodation & Travel

Hotel reservations will be made by the workshop organisers.

Workshop participants are responsible for their own travel to the hotel. Travel costs will be reimbursed upon presentation of an original receipt. Please make your bus, train and airplane reservations as early as possible.

A shuttle bus will provide transportation from the hotel to CETASD.


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