Details on the CVM program and admission procedures



Cardiovascular diseases are among the most life threatening health problems that society is facing nowadays. The majority of these diseases are the direct result of metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.
Substantial research efforts are being undertaken in the academic, private and government sectors to try to improve the diagnosis, care and treatment of these diseases. Advances in the medical care for these diseases is highly dependent on progress in fundamental research in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, physiology and biochemistry.
To ensure a new generation of advanced research in this area, the Faculty of Biology and
Medicine at the University of Lausanne has organised a doctoral educational program focusing on Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases.

This program provides theoretical training for students preparing a PhD or MD-PhD thesis in this discipline and who then wish to dedicate themselves to a career in research, education, public health or private industry.


CVM Doctoral Program

The program trains students to conduct individual research at the interface of basic science and the clinic. To this end, in addition to completing the formal PhD requirements outlined by the UNIL doctoral school, the cardiovascular and metabolism program organizes mini-symposia, advanced courses, workshops, seminars, tutorials, and meetings for which students obtain study credits (ECTS) and have the opportunity to present, discuss and receive feedback on their work from experts in the field.
The program is multidisciplinary with teaching staff being composed of scientists and clinicians, thus enabling students to conduct research in the cardiovascular and metabolism field with the perspective of translating their research to clinical application.
To obtain the certificate with the mention "Cardiovascular and Metabolism," the student must have obtained 9 out of the required 12 ECTS from the Cardiovascular and Metabolism PhD program. For admission to the program please see the information here.


Our main goals

• Guide students to obtain practical and theoretical knowledge of methods that are useful for the completion of their research project in the cardiovascular and metabolic field
• Improve the quality of the students’ personal research during their PhD thesis project
• Promote collaborations between basic and clinical sciences
• Promote a multidisciplinary approach to clinical problem solving


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