Activities 2010

The official language for all activities is english

December 10, 2010
Mechanisms of salt and water homeostasis in the kidney
Organizer: Prof. Olivier Staub

Invited Speakers:
Johannes Loffing (Zurich)
"Mechanism of cation transport along the nephron"

Kevin O'Shaughnessy (United Kingdom)
"Unravelling the molecular genetics of Gordon Syndrom"

Udo Hasler (Geneva)
"Mechanisms controlling aquaporin-2 expression and subcellular repartition"

Michael Caplan (USA)
"Role of olfactory receptors in the nephron"



September 17, 2010
Hospital building CHUV
Crosstalk between Mouse Metabolism and the Circadian Clock
Organizer: Ass. Prof. Frédéric Gachon



June 4, 2010
UNIL - Lausanne
Meeting between the Thorax Institute in Nantes and UNIL
Organizer: Prof. Thierry Pedrazzini

This meeting day is part of the CVM training programme to get the 12 ECTS.
Please indicate whether participation with oral and/or poster presentation.
Deadline registration: Thursday May 27, 2010





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