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The European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL) is an association of language teaching professionals from Europe and around the world, which aims to:
promote the use of foreign languages within Europe
provide a European focus for the promulgation of innovative research, development and practice relating to the use of technologies for language learning
enhance the quality, dissemination and efficiency of CALL materials
support special Interest Groups (SIGs)


provides information and advice on all aspects of the use of technology for language learning, for those involved in education and training
disseminates information via the ReCALL journal
works towards the exploitation of electronic communications systems
organises special interest meetings and annual conferences



EUROCALL membership is made up of individual members (teachers and students, institutions, and commercial organisations not only from Europe but from all over the world. 33 countries are represented. EUROCALL set up the WORLDCALL conference in 1998.



Although the Association dates back to 1984, EUROCALL itself was created in 1993, when the European Union LINGUA programme provided substantial aid. There are now more than 400 members and about twenty national representatives who pass on information in the languages of their respective countries.


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