Open Positions and Internships

Forthcoming positions

The LINE anticipates the following positions will be announced in Autumn 2023:

  • 100% post-doctoral fellow in the context of a project on multisensory development in humans
  • 50% research coordinator in the context a project of multisensory development in humans
  • 40% scientific collaborator in the context of a study on art and healthy ageing

Detailed job annuncements will be posted soon.

Unsolicited Candidatures

Post-doctoral fellows and PhD students

  • Individuals should typically do so at least 6-12 months prior to an ideal starting date.
  • All individuals are strongly encouraged to seek external sources of funding.
  • Dossiers must be sent as a single PDF file and should include a motivation letter, CV, example publication or poster, as well as at least 2 reference letters or contact details for such individuals. A strong motivation letter will focus not just on what interests you in joining The LINE, but also what you would bring to further enhance The LINE.

Masters Students 

  • The LINE offers projects annually to students in several Masters programs at UNIL as well as some programs at EPFL and UNIGE.


Undergraduate Students

  • The LINE participates in the UNIL Summer Undergraduate Research Programme.
  • At other times of year, there may be opportunities for undergraduates to work and/or train in the lab. Contact Micah Murray for details.
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