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Swiss Association of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies

Geneva Doctoral Workshop - Medieval and Early...
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Latest International Conference
13–14 September 2018, University of Bern
Next conference:
Medieval and Early Modern Afterlives
3–5 September 2020, University of Neuchâtel
Call for Papers
- CFP for 2020 Medieval English Theatre Conference on "Consumption, Performance, and Early Theatre" (University of Wolverhampton, Saturday, 4 April 2020). More information:
- CFP for 2020 SAMEMES Conference on "Medieval and Early Modern Afterlives" (University of Neuchâtel, 3-5 September 2020). More information:
Upcoming Events
- AGM and lecture by Emma Depledge, 4 October 2019, University of Lausanne, 10:15 AM (Anthropole building, 5127)
News and Publications
We are glad to announce the following publications by SAMEMES members:
- Lukas Erne and Devani Singh (eds.), "Bel-vedére or the Garden of the Muses" (Cambridge University Press, 2020). More details:
- Lukas Erne and Kareen Seidler (eds.), "Early Modern German Shakespeare: ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’: ‘Der Bestrafte Brudermord’ and ‘Romio und Julieta’ in Translation" (Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, 2020). More details:
- Scott Newstock, "How to Think like Shakespeare: Lessons from a Renaissance Education" (Princeton University Press, 2020). More details:
- Kevin Curran, (ed.) "Renaissance Personhood: Materiality, Taxonomy, Process" (Edinburgh UP, 2020). More details:
- Neil Forsyth, "Shakespeare the Illusionist: Magic, Dreams, and the Supernatural on Film" (Ohio University Press, 2019). More details:
- Margaret Tudeau-Clayton, "Shakespeare's Englishes: Against Englishness" (Cambridge University Press, 2019). More details:
- Ricarda Wagner (ed.), "Writing Beyond Pen and Parchment: Inscribed Objects in Medieval European Literature" (De Gruyter, 2019). More details:
2018 Book Prize!
Book prize for early career SAMEMES members
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