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Talks - 2011

Broennimann O. 2011. Species distribution modeling: a predictive tool for island ecology and biogeography. XVII International Botanical Congress, Melbourne, Australia, July 26, 2011. Invited Talk

Broennimann O. et al 2011. Change of the climatic niche over space and time in the invasive Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe). Invited talk at the Department of Ecology & Evolution, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, May 3, 2011. Talk

Broennimann O, Fitzpatrick M, Pearman P, Pellissier L, Petitpierre B, Yoccoz NG, Thuiller W, Fortin M, Randin C, Zimmermann N, Graham CH, Guisan A. 2011. A framework to measure species’ niche overlap: illustration with a large set of invasive plants. Sixth International Symposium on "Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics". Leuven, Belgium, February 4, 2011. Talk

Dubuis A, Rossier L, Pottier J,Pellissier L, Guisan A. 2011. Prédiction spatio-temporelle de la structure fonctionnelle des communautés. Congrès ECOVEG 7, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1avril 2011. Talk

Gonzalez A., Guisan A., Moreno Saiz JC and Fuertes, J. 2011. Gaps in distribution of Macaronesian Navaea phoenicea are due to ecological niche discontinuities, Corcerizas environmental education center, Spain, April 2011. Talk

Guisan, A. 2011. How can species distribution models help make better conservation decisions? Inaugural conference of the National Center for Excellence in Environmental Decisions, Melbourne, Australia, December 1, 2011. Invited Talk

Guisan, A. 2011. Predicting species distributions: projecting the niche in space and time? CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Dutton Park, Brisbane, Australia, November 15, 2011. Invited Talk

Guisan, A. et al. 2011. Species distribution models: use and misuses in conservation biology? Department of Geography, University of Queensland, St-Lucia, Brisbane, Australia, October 18, 2011. Invited Talk

Guisan, A. et al. 2011. Predicting current and future distributions of species assemblages. Center for Excellence in Environmental Decisions, University of Queensland, St-Lucia, Brisbane, Australia, October 7, 2011. Invited Talk

Guisan, A. et al. 2011. Predicting current and future distributions of species and communities: a case study in the Swiss Alps. GFO Macroecology Workshop, Basel, Switzerland, February 17, 2011. Invited Talk.

Guisan, A. et al. 2011. Predicting global change impacts on the distribution of biodiversity: achievements and new challenges. Invited talks at the Department of Ecology & Evolution, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, February 16, 2011. Invited Talk

Honrado, J., Carvalho, S., Gonçalves, J., Vicente, J., Lomba, A., Cabral, J., Alonso, J., Araújo, M.B. and Guisan, A. (2011). Optimizing the conservation and monitoring of Iberian biodiversity under scenarios of ecological change. 12th European Ecological Federation Congress, “Responding to Rapid Environmental Change”, Ávila, Spain, 25-29 September 2011. Invited Talk

Ndiribe, C., Antonelli, S., Dubuis, A., Pellissier, L., Pottier, J., Vittoz, P., N. Salamin and A. Guisan. 2011. Phylogenetic Community Structure and Trait Conservatism in Alpine Angiosperms. Evolution 2011 Conference, Oklahoma, USA. Talk

Pellissier L., Litsios G., Fiedler K., Pottier J., Vittoz P., Dubuis A., Pradervand J.N., Salamin N., Guisan A. 2010. Towards more generalized biotic interaction in severe environments?. External seminar, Tromso University, Tromso, Norway 14.05.2010. Talk

Pliscoff, P. & Guisan, A. 2011. Predicting the past, present and future of plant biodiversity in Chile: A species distribution modeling approach. The International Biogeography Society, Early Career "Advances in Biogeography" Conference, Oxford, United Kindom, September 24, 2011. Talk

Pottier, J. Maiorano, L. Dubuis, A. Ndribe, C. Pellissier L. Vittoz, P. and Guisan A. 2001 Modelling mountain biodiversity response to climate: are all dimensions equally well predicted from species distribution models? 12th EEF Congress, Avila, Spain, September 26, 2011. Talk

Pottier,J. 2011. Predicting assemblages from species distribution models based on topoclimatic factors, Invited talk at the ECOS lab, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 7, 2011. Talk.

Vicente, J., Gonçalves, J., Lomba, A., Randin, C., Alves, P., Fernandes, R., Silva, R., Alonso, J., Guisan, A. and Honrado, J. (2011). Modelling the patterns and trends of rural landscape invasion by alien plants – examples and future perspectives. 1st Iberian Conference of Invader Plants, Vigo, Spain, May 12-14, 2011. Talk

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