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Warm success of the symposium “What future for models of future species distributions?”...
Organized on March 23 by Antoine Guisan at the 2018 Conference of the International Biogeography Society (IBS) in Evora, Portugal. Thanks to the speakers – Jennifer Sunday, Ana Csergo, Gurutzeta Guillera-Aroita, Phoebe Zarnetske, Frédéric Guillaume & Laura Pollock - for their enlightening talks on very diverse and complementary future aspects of SDMs. The women unbalance got nicely noticed! See our twitter account @ecospat_ch. Thanks to the IBS2018 organizers, and especially Miguel Matias for supporting this symposium.
New book « Habitat Suitability and Distribution Models” by A. Guisan and colleagues...
The book presents the theory and state-of-the-art methods to predict species' distribution. Each chapter is illustrated with a practical application in R
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