Master's programs

The Master's degrees offered by HEC Lausanne cover a wide range of disciplines in management and economics. The Master's degrees awarded by HEC Lausanne, with some of the best teachers in their fields, open up excellent prospects on the job market, both in Switzerland and internationally. The education provided also aims to prepare prospective candidates for the doctoral program, which also opens the door to an academic career.

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Our Masters

Master of Science in Accounting, Control and Finance (MScCCF)

This program aims to train future experts in audit, accounting, control, finance and taxation. The core areas of the program are financial accounting, management control, corporate finance, external auditing and taxation.

The Master has significant support from the teaching staff of the Department of Accounting and Control and the Department of Business Law and Taxation. The Master works closely with major audit firms (PWC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte) who not only take on important teaching but recruit a large number of graduates each year. The MScCCF also relies on the support of professionals of the Swatch group and the Pictet bank recognized for their expertise. Graduates can obtain equivalences for certain professional training (public accounting, tax expertise).

3 semesters | 90 ECTS | Teaching mainly in French with some courses in English

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Master of Law in Law and Economics (MDE)

This program offers students with a Bachelor's degree in Law or Economics /Management an opportunity to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge relevant to the needs of the business world. The MDE allows candidates with a Bachelor in Business and Economics to complete their training in economics, while providing them with a solid grounding in law, especially contract law, corporate law and tax law. 

The MDE is focused primarily on commercial and financial law, business management and taxation. Beyond these core areas, it offers students great flexibility in the choice of courses based on their own interests.

3 semesters | 90 ECTS | Teaching mainly in French, some courses in English | In partnership with the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration of the University of Lausanne

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Master of Science in Economics (MScE)

This program boasts international recognition, built on the caliber of its faculty and the success of its previous graduates. We aim to provide necessary skills for a successful career as a professional economist. The MScE is also an excellent preparation for Ph.D programs in economics, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Our main objective is to provide you with a thorough approach to economics. We believe that acquiring analytical and quantitative skills early on is essential for any professional economist. Whereas a Bachelor’s degree provides basic knowledge and intuition, our program offers courses on the foundations of economics analysis and applications.

4 semesters | 120 ECTS | Teaching in English | Possible specializations: Behavior, Economics, and Evolution (BEE)

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Master of Science in Finance (MScF)

This program leads to a specialization in corporate finance and risk management.

  • The asset and risk management orientation is more technical building on empirical methods in finance, quantitative asset and risk management I and II, as well as alternative investments and banking. 
  • The corporate finance orientation provides a solid understanding of valuation and how to perform a financial analysis of firms in general. In advanced courses they will learn about private equity, venture capital and how to restructure firms.
  • The financial entrepreneurship and data science orientation provides students with a solid background in finance and an introduction to information technology and data science as related to finance.  

The program is recognized by prestigious organisations: CFA, CAIA and GARP. Some of the teaching staff are members of the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI).

4 semesters | 120 ECTS | Teaching in English | Orientations: "Asset and risk management", "Corporate finance", "Financial entrepreneurship and data science"

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Master of Science in Management (MScM)

This program provides advanced training in business administration by providing students with the most recent tools based on research in the fields of management, economics, applied psychology, sociology, business analytics and marketing.

  • The orientation in "Business Analytics" provides students with knowledge to extract the information from data to make efficient decisions and to improve their performance.
  • The orientation in "Strategy, Organization & Leadership" offers qualifications for a wide range of positions (consultant, analyst, etc.) but also for developing one’s own entrepreneurial venture.
  • With the orientation in "Marketing", students gain proficiency in the latest concepts, cutting-edge trends and marketing methods.
  • The orientation "Behaviour, Economics and Evolution" (BEE) uses knowledge from management, economics and evolutionary biology. Students will obtain a profound understanding of human decision making which is needed to make key managerial decisions.

4 semesters | 120 ECTS | Teaching in English | Orientations: "Strategy, Organization and Leadership", "Marketing", "Business Analytics" and "Behaviour, Economics and Evolution"

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Master of Science in Actuarial Science (MScAS)

The program develops an understanding of the actuarial principles and techniques necessary for the management of insurance companies as well as financial and savings institutions, including pension funds and social security systems.

This program includes specialized courses in risk theory, stochastic processes, compound interest, credibility, mathematics for finance, actuarial modeling for insurance. Most of the subjects taught involve training in quantitative risk management, the actuary's most important working tool. Good knowledge of management, economics and information technology is also necessary to ensure an adequate level of professional expertise. This Master is recognized by the Swiss Association of Actuaries.

4 semesters | 120 ECTS | Teaching in English

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Master of Science in Information Systems (MScIS)

This program enables you to develop cutting-edge skills in the new information and communications technologies (NICT) for organisations. The approach is multidisciplinary and the subjects studied cover both information technologies and management. By means of this twin track approach, the Master's course trains ICT professionals able to design, manage, assess and implement IT services and applications.

3 semesters | 90 ECTS | Teaching in French and English | In partnership with the University of Neuchâtel

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Master of Law in Legal Issues, Crime and Security of New Technologies (MDCS)

This program is open to students who hold a Bachelor’s in economics, law or (criminal) forensic science. Its aim is to help you develop the skills required to manage the problems posed by information technologies across the board, in legal, IT and criminal terms.

3 to 5 semesters | 90 ECTS | Teaching in French | Awarded by the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration at UNIL in conjunction with HEC Lausanne

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