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Actualités & événements

Publié le  11.09.17
Evelyne Schmid

Cercle de travail interdisciplinaire « Recherche suisse sur le traitement du passé »

Rencontre scientifique du cercle de travail interdisciplinaire «Recherche suisse sur le traitement du passé»
Vendredi 22 Septembre 2017 (15h15 - 16h45) - Anthropole - 2096

A few years ago, a group of researchers in Switzerland established an interdisciplinary working group of scholars working in Switzerland who are interested in topics related to transitional justice / dealing with the past. The working group is informal and we meet to discuss work-in-progress with researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds. We will discuss in English and in French.

The meeting takes place on the 22nd September from 15:15 to 16:45. We will be at UNIL-Chamberonne, building Anthropole, room 2096.


  • Dr. Alexa Stiller (University of Berne, historian): Political Justice in the Post-Cold War Era: The Origins of International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda (in English)
  • Prof. Sévane Garibian (University of Geneva, legal scholar): Right to Truth, Truth(s) through Rights : Mass Crimes Impunity and Transitional Justice (in French or in English)
  • Dr. Zahira Araguete-Torribio (University of Geneva, anthropologist): Emerging Archives of Mass Graves in Post-Franco Spain (in English)

Everyone is welcome; to register, please send a brief line to Prof. Evelyne Schmid (

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