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Description of the Master

The objective of this Master program is to train high level scientists in the area of integrated natural sciences or biogeosciences. Using the most modern techniques, it aims to give fundamental knowledge and the tools necessary for the discovery, the comprehension and the management of natural environments in perpetual evolution at variable scales of time and space.

All courses are taught in French. The length of the Master is 4 semesters (6 semesters max.) for the 120 ECTS credits. At the end of these studies, the successful student graduates with the title of « University Master in Science in Biogeosciences ».



Please privilege your registration with the University, which is as close as possible to your course, biology course at the University of Neuchâtel and geology course at the University of Lausanne. If upgrades are required, the courses to be made up will be in the domain of the University of Registration: all biology at the UNINE and all of the Earth Sciences at the UNIL. Students coming from HES can register either at UNIL or UNINE, but their upgrading and content will not be identical.

Students wishing to register for the Master in Biogeosciences must have one of the following the following prerequisites :

  • a University Bachelor Degree in Science in geosciences and environment orientation geology awarded by the Faculty of geosciences and environment at the University of Lausanne ;

  • a University Bachelor Degree in Science from a Swiss university, in a branch related to biology or earth sciences ;

  • another University Bachelor Degree or a degree judged equivalent by competent services of each university, with preauthorization of the Scientific Committee.

If the University Bachelor Degree has not been obtained in one of the aforementioned branches, the Scientific Committee can propose admission with a precondition or supplementary coursework. These complementary studies should not exceed 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits. The execution of these studies are stated in writing between the student and the Faculty responsible for the management of his/her degree course.

Admission is made official by the competent department of the University registration, with the preauthorization of the Scientific Committee. 

Deadline to register for the academic year 2021/2022 : April 30, 2021 (UNIL and UNINE)

At the University of Neuchâtel (registration at Neuchâtel)
To register in the Master in Biogeosciences at the University of Neuchâtel, fill in the regristration form available on-line or fill in the paper form that can be found on this link : Click here to send your form to the Register’s office : Click here within before the admission deadline.

At the University of Lausanne (registration at Lausanne)
To register in the Master in Biogeosciences at the University of Lausanne, send your completed file/record before the deadline for admission to the Registrar’s Service : www.unil.ch/immat

It is obligatory both for the Universities of Lausanne and Neuchâtel to provide a letter of motivation with your application. This letter should contain at least the following information :  

  • why have you chosen this master?
  • what do you hope to get out of it?
  • what do you plan to do after this training? 


Presentation movie
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Complete description of the Master



How to get a fellowship for the MSc in Biogeosciences at the UNIL ?

For information: Here 


To foreign students with a scholarship

Foreign students who have obtained a scholarship should keep in mind that this scholarshp is for one year only (in general). If no solution can be found during the second year of the Master, foreign students who return home will have the possibility to obtain a certificate attesting a full year's training in Biogeosciences. 


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