The Research Group on Elections and Political Citizenship (GREC) is one of the IEP’s research units. It brings together researchers – both within the IEP and from other institutions – who are interested in elections and popular votes, political parties, social movements, protest politics and questions of political citizenship more broadly.

The aims of this research centre are multiple. First, the GREC provides a space for intellectual exchange and discussion for researchers and doctoral students at the IEP and other institutions working in the field of elections and voting, social movements, activism, and political citizenship. Accordingly, it encourages contacts and collaborations beyond the IEP, notably by inviting speakers from other universities. Second, the GREC seeks to reinforce the visibility of research in the above-mentioned fields, both at the IEP and in partner institutions. Finally, the GREC is responsible for promoting surveys carried out by FORS (in particular Selects, Voto, and the Swiss Household Panel) and for strengthening collaboration between the IEP and FORS.

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