think_drink.pngThe Think and Drink seminar offers a space for intellectual exchange for members of the GREC, but casts a wide net to include members of the IEP and other institutes of political science in Switzerland. The seminar allows doctoral students and established researchers to present their works in progress. The aim is threefold: to bring research to light; to receive constructive criticism; and to engage in casual exchanges around a drink to favour future collaborations. Anybody presenting a research paper receives feedback from two designated speakers: usually a member of the GREC and an outside researcher, invited for their expertise in the field concerned.

Created in 2013 through the initiative of Florence Passy and Gian-Andrea Monsch, the Think and Drink seminar has already welcomed several dozen researchers, who are either at the start of their careers or well established in the field. The seminar therefore contributes to forming the next generation of academics in a convivial and stimulating atmosphere. Allowing both speakers and participants to share ideas enables debate on ideas and nourishes thinking on the conceptual, empirical or methodological aspects of the research presented.

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